News | "Pontus: the Right to Memory". An exhibition at the Central Showroom of Krasnodar

December, 20th, 2006 - January, 10th, 2007 - carrying out of the exhibitions of a professor of the university of the Western Macedonia Kostas Fotiadis «Pontus: the Right to Memory» at the Central Showroom of Krasnodar (32, Rashpilevskaja Street – the crossing of Krasnaya Street)

The ceremony of solemn opening of the exhibition took place on the 22nd of December of this year.

The exhibition of «Pontus: the Right to Memory» comprises 48 photo stands, divided into 45 subjects - «Geography of Pontus», «Greeks at the territory of the Pontian state», «Christianity of Pontus», «The Empire of Komnins», «Pontus under the Turkish yoke» - up to «Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus», «The Pontian Issue», «Greeks at territory of Russia».

The carefully selected photographic material - a didactic presentation of it by the author and professor Fotiadis, declared by him to our attention as a topic of the lessons of «The History of Hellinism of Pontus» and «The Historical Destiny of Greeks of the USSR».

For a complete familiarization with them by all visitors of this exhibition: from those who consciously came to the Krasnodar Central Showroom and up to those visitors who casually dropped in for these «lessons of history».

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