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The address of the Krasnodar Regional Showroom of Fine Arts:
350000, Krasnodar City, 32 Rashpilevskaya Street

The Krasnodar Regional Showroom of Fine Arts was formed in 1989 and is the largest exposition center in the south of Russia. Its founder is the Department of Culture of Krasnodar Region.

It is located in a historical zone of Krasnodar, in the center of the administrative, cultural, and business part of the city. The showroom's exhibition area covers 1100 sq. m.. Annually they organize here from 60 up to 80 exhibitions, such as - the international, regional, territorial, city, group, personal, as well as the art projects and events. Artists of Russia, the CIS, various countries of Europe and Asia represent their works of art there. However, the painters, graphical artists, sculptors, and masters of decorative and applied art of Kuban mainly exhibit their works here. The partnership ties connect the showroom with the Krasnodar regional organization of the All-Russia creative public organization of «The Union of Artists of Russia», being involved in arrangement of various exhibition projects. For all the years of its existence, the hall has hosted about 900 exhibitions and art events, as well as the concerts of various musical groups of Kuban, presentation of books of the Kuban authors.

The primary goals of the showroom lie in promotion of development of the regional fine arts of Kuban, popularization of art of the European countries and the CIS, as well as the most prominent cultural centers of Russia (Moscow, St. - Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg) forming the art taste, breadth of interests, creative thinking of the spectators, especially the rising generation.

The showroom during all years of its activity is engaged in formation of the own collection, including the paintings, graphic works of art, sculptures, products of arts and crafts of the south of Russia. In total by 2007, the funds number 370 works of art. These are the products of the leading artists of Kuban and young authors, varying in style, figurative system, subjects. The national and regional traditions are combined with the modern globalist tendencies. The priority is given to the leading kind of the fine arts of the last decades - to the painting.

The showroom cooperates with the state organizations and the private structures, engaged in the exhibition activity at the territory of Russia and abroad. Scientists provide the advisory help to the pupils, collectors, and all admirers of the fine arts. The personnel structure of the showroom is presented by the professional art critics, engaged in the arrangement of exhibitions, excursion service, science and educational activity, working with the mass media.

The Krasnodar regional showroom of the fine arts is ready for the creative contacts and invites the Russian and foreign museums, galleries, showrooms to the mutually advantageous cooperation: the joint organizations of mobile exhibitions, projects, including the commercial ones, presentations, concerts, PR-events.

350000, Krasnodar City,
32 Rashpilevskaya Street
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